Centre for Agricultural Engineering

The Centre for Agricultural Engineering (CAE) was established in 1994 to specialise in developing solutions for a sustainable and profitable rural sector.

The centre is focused on delivering applied, practical and profitable research solutions that strengthen agricultural productivity and address environmental management challenges in Australia and overseas.

The centre’s research focus covers areas including sustainable agriculture, energy use and bio-resource recycling, water resources management, farming systems innovation and sensing, and automation and robotics.

Research outcomes are achieved through applied engineering research, training and commercialisation of technologies and precision farming techniques and related investigations.


A showcase of CAE Research Achievements

Automated Surface Irrigation Systems able to apply water as efficiently (90%) as centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems without the additional cost of labour and electricity or diesel.

Decision Support Tools to improve resource efficiency, a notable example including the DSI Scheduler, an App which is used to assist irrigation water management at collaborating farmer field sites in 6 villages in Nepal and India.

Assessment of Controlled Traffic Farming Systems which has identified zero till farming has the potential to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by 30%, informing carbon farming initiatives.

Fine Tuning Nitrogen Management Guidelines in the Australian Sugar Industry to incorporate variable rate fertiliser applications as a standard option for farmers.

Commercialisation of Weed Sensing Technology, which can distinguish weeds from crop, and operate at speeds of up to 20 km/h and apply 80% less herbicide.

Providing Industry with Alternative Energy, Waste Recovery and Energy Efficiency Options to enable exact assessment that can provide multi-million dollar opportunities and cost savings.

Research Master Agreement signed with John Deere, recognising USQ’s world-leading technological innovation and providing opportunities for researchers and their counterparts at John Deere to work together to develop agricultural technologies.