CAE works closely with industry to accelerate access to smarter, technology-based ways of increasing productivity, reducing costs and maximising the efficient use of available resources. Our research is strengthening agricultural productivity and environmental management challenges in Australia and overseas.

The centre is developing solutions for a sustainable and profitable rural sector through collaboration with landholders and rural industry groups with research across a broad range of agricultural challenges faced by the growers on the ground.

These collaborations include the use of international locations for trialling equipment and technologies, and allows universities to explore opportunities to build partnerships in common research areas. The engagement with industry to determine their needs in relation to research requirements also contributes to the development of collaborative partnerships.

International research and engagement covers a wide scope of activities. Research areas include bioenergy, nutrient management in sugarcane production, weed detection and identification, and automation technologies. This work is undertaken through collaborative partnerships with funding organisations and industry partners internationally to ensure the research provides beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

Internationally, CAE works on projects funded through ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) in countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos. Projects focus on improving dry season agriculture for marginal and tenant farmers, and integrated soil and water management in vegetable production. The demonstrated outcomes include providing local landholders with the skills, equipment and confidence to adopt new technologies to improve their productivity and create a viable farming future.

Researchers also hold positions on national and international committees and associations which enable staff to champion research initiatives and continually build research interests and capability.